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In genuine life, Whitney is the crafty one as well as I’m the other one. about a year ago, I asked her what ought to be included in a fundamental arts as well as crafts kit. Armed with these supplies, I would have a few much more techniques up my sleeve on rainy days. At that time, my sleeve was full of board games as well as play-doh.

She told me to get these 10 craft supplies:

Kid scissors

Colored cardstock – pack of multicolored rigid paper offered at Target or any type of craft store

Hole puncher for linking things

Water colors for least unpleasant painting experience

Tape – Scotch tape for crafts, blue tape for forts, duct tape to destroy your furniture

Pijp schoonmakers

Stickers or labels meant for office things – ie not licensed characters or holidays – for much more open ended usage

Beading set – purchase bundles of manly colors or rainbow colors – do it now before bit guy becomes a hazard to all kinds of small item activities

Kid catalogs as well as magazines they can cut photos out of


Whitney took pity on my delicate sleep-deprived mind as well as offered…
10 activities to finish with all these goodies:

Make an alphabet or color book for the baby. Milo draws pictures, Holden composes the words. one word per page, ie banana, dog, car.

Cut out as well as tape or glue eyes nose mouth from magazine faces (need home entertainment or fashion mags) to make a new face.

Make as well as send a card to cousins

Print a photo of self in black as well as white as well as then watercolor it

Make a paper chain to countdown days til x (holiday, birthday, grandparent visit!)

Draw with crayons as well as water color on top

Make fashion jewelry out of pipecleaners

String beads on pipecleaners

Make a tic tac toe game to play

Decorate a cardboard box

I liked Whitney’s recommendations since they sounded easy enough. since I was stretched thin with a newborn, my quick run to Michael’s craft store was delayed for a bit (and blogging was pushed off for a year!). I reluctantly admit that the huge shop lastly occurred since we were testing out TaskRabbit so I sent one of the rabbits out with my buying list. Score! I bought the products as well as kept them within my older sons’ reach.

Milo needed no even more direction to make the most of the new materials. This past weekend, he cut out foam masks (from the leftovers of my R2D2 infant mobile), made a frog puppet named Holden, as well as utilized up the tape (again!) making superhero wrist cuffs.

I like that he has the creativity to power his jobs as well as the craft spheres (sorry, that sounded wrong!) to turn into aliens as well as flowers.

I don’t like the bit bits of shrapnel I discover each time I walk near his work table, however it seems like a fair cost for all the fun he’s having.

What’s in your craft supply kit?

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