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I have been nursing as well as pumping for 13.5 months so I think about myself an professional in nursing bras as well as while I’ve tried a range of them throughout the program of my breastfeeding relationship, the Nourish by BeliBea bra is by far my fave.

After months of nursing as well as pumping, my when perky, full-of-milk boobs had started to get a bit deflated as well as saggy. even though I was still nursing I was about to go out to Nordys as well as throw myself at the mercy of the sales gal there as well as beg them to assist me discover something to make the women look great again.

But then came the Nourish by BeliBea bra. I’d been chatting with the business for a bit so I was well versed on the story behind it: a new mother was dissatisfied with the offered bras available so she produced her own, a bra she might both pump as well as nurse in. I was a bit skeptical at first. I’d tried other pumping/nursing bra combos as well as the bras never seemed to get tight sufficient to hold my breast shields in place. I frequently times pump on the method to work in the morning so I truly requirement a bra that needs so hands or fussing.

Even though my nursing days were unwinding I jumped at the chance to test it out.

The logistics:

The bra has two layers: the inner layer is very thin as well as soft with a hole cut in the middle for your breast shield to pop through. This layer hooks on the lower hook of the strap. The second layer is the outer shell of the bra as well as it hooks on the upper hook. You have to unhook both layers to subject your boob for the baby. I utilized the bra for pumping or nursing however the other benefit of this bra is that you might hook up one boob to the pump as well as nurse from the other.

De voors:

My boobs look hot. I believe it’s since of the light layer of padding. It’s not stuffed in the bra however rather a removable shell. It defines them without providing me a uni-boob. as well as adds some good cleavage.

Great under t-shirts. I’m a huge v-neck tee fan as well as a few of my other bras were as well directly across so they poked out of my shirt. this doesn’t show. likewise the light padding implies my nipples don’t show so I can wear this even under sheer shirts

Super comfortable. The material is so soft as well as whatever is versatile however snug. I’ve likewise been using this bra non-stop for practically two months as well as the straps don’t stretch out like a few of my other bras.

Het werkt! I was able to wear just this bra all day, changing between pumping as well as nursing. I was even able to wear this bra while I pumped in the vehicle in the morning. even though it was very soft it was still tight sufficient to hold the shields in place.

De nadelen:

There is only one thing that bugs me. The double hooks in some cases make it irritating for nursing. When my child wants her milk she wants it now as well as in some cases the double hooks cause me to fumble around as well as take longer to really get the nipple in her mouth. This likewise can be irritating when hooking myself back up. in some cases I’ve hooked the wrong layer to the wrong hook.

Overall, I am a big fan of the Nourish by BeliBea. I will likely wear this solely up until I am totally done nursing as well as I would certainly suggest this to any type of nursing or pumping mom.

You can purchase the BeliBea Nourish on amazon.


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Disclosure: I was offered a totally free sample of the bra however all opinions are my own.

[All pictures by Whitney Mattocks, all rights reserved]

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