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My Catholic belief is extremely crucial to me as well as I am passing that along to my children.  Every Tuesday, my oldest child as well as I go to church to pray the rosary Cenacle for the Marian motion of Priests.  These are extremely powerful prayers to the blessed Virgin Mary, our mother.  This morning we each drew a name of a saint that will enjoy over us for the new year.  The saint that selected me was, St. John Neumann, whose feast day is today.

He was an American saint born in Bohemia in 1811.  St. John Neumann understood he was being called to the priesthood, however Bohemia was not ordaining any type of new priests at the time. In buy to comply with his calling he had to discover English as well as step to America.  He was appointed Bishop of Philadelphia in 1852 as well as assisted begin Catholic institutions in the United States.  St. John Neumann died on January 5, 1860 at the age of 48.

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